My new goal: grow a cool beard or facial hair style

If I could choose one beard or facial hair style

My mind is full of f*ck when it comes to determining a facial hairstyle (read, a beard) to get. With my hair it has been pretty easy to decide what to do as I have grown my hair long, gotten all kinds of haircuts and even permed my hair curly (laugh out loud!!). Unfortunately for facial hairstyles I really have no clue what to choose and there isn’t much information online about beard advice and facial hair styles to choose for a man. So I have instead been browsing forums that deal with male grooming and all that and so far this forum that caters to male grooming has given me some hope that I can grow a beard or at least have some kind of facial hairstyle going on.

The problem: beard trimming products cost a fortune

The problem I’m seeing with growing a beard is that you need to invest in beard trimmers and beard combs and I am not one who likes to spend too much money on my grooming. I go to the barber ever month but why should I spend close to 100 bucks on a beard trimmer machine so I can maintain a mustache or small facial hair style. I mean it would make sense if I bought a hair trimmer for my hair on my head but a trimmer for my beard or a mustache, not so sure on that. And no, a hair trimmer (they call it “hair clipper) doesn’t work on facial hair so you have to buy a beard trimmer specifically to maintain your facial hair styles.

Anyway, thanks to the – the forums in the link above – I managed to pick a couple of facial hairstyles that would be good for me and I even have a nice picture I’m gonna post below so you can have a better idea of the facial hairstyles I am referring to.

facial hair styles

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